Meeting Program

  • Saturday 11

     12:30h Welcome cocktail
     14:00-16:00h SESSION I
    Chairs: Imad Kanaan & Eka Wahejopramono
    • Opening Remarks. Miguel A. Arraez
    • Cerebral revascularization for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Bin-Xu
    • Surgical strategy for large Petroclival Meningiomas. Sebastien Froelich
    • Petroclival meningioma. Anil Nanda
    • Hybrid Cerebrovascular Procedures. Kresimir Rotim
    • Management of NF2-associated vestibular schwannoma. A Tübingen perspective. Marcos Tatagiba
    • Evolution of hemispherotomy from large open craniotomies to a bloodless technique. Sarat Chandra
    • The Ebbing of the Hippocratic Oath. Osama Al-Mefty
    16:00-16:30h Coffee break
    16:30-18:30h SESSION II
    William Couldwell & Marcos Tatagiba
    • Advanced Neurosurgery Centers, from Nothing to Something, From Local to Global. Grigore Zapuhlih
    • Models in training for LMIC. Jesus Lafuente
    • An update on the use of focused ultrasound in Neurosurgery. Andres Lozano
    • The role of ETV in posterior fossa tumors in children. Nasser El-Ghandour
    • The importance of the Sellar Barrier concept in Pituitary Surgery. Alvaro Campero
    • Surgeries of complex paraclinoid aneurysm. Sanford Pc. Hsu
    • Why is no one listening? Robert Spetzler
    20:00h Welcome Reception Cocktail - Malaga’s City Hall
  • Sunday 12

     08:00-10:00h SESSION III
    Kate Drummond & Necmettin Pamir
    • Current status of DNA methylation profiling in the diagnosis of CNS tumors and AIIMS experience. Vishali Suri
    • The Link of Cancer-Neuroscience to Neuro-Oncology. Manfred Westphal
    • A preoperative study of Sufasidenib in patients with IDH1 mutated glioma. Kate Drummond
    • Gliomas are confined tumors – surgical implications of a novel concept. Atul Goel
    • Intraoperative neuromonitoring in CPA tumor surgery. Michihiro Kohno
    • Revisiting gliomatosis cerebri in adult-type diffuse gliomas: a comprehensive imaging, genomic, and clinical analysis. Jong Hee Chang
    • CamsPC-PCS – results of the Cambridge Pineal Cysts Prospective Cohor Study. Thomas Santarius
    • Pineal cysts: not always innocuous incidental findings. André Grotenhuis
     10:00h-10:30h Coffee break
    10:30-12:30h SESSION IV
    Chairs: Stefan Florian & Ashish Suri
    • Being Aware!”: Situational Awareness (SA) and its Importance in Safety and Quality Assurance in Neurosurgery. Keki Turel
    • Trends in skull base surgery and the role of Endoscopy. Imad Kanaan
    • Surgical treatment of colloid cysts. Necmettin Pamir
    • The Four Horseman in Neurosurgery. Fady Charbel
    • Microsurgical and endoscopy techniques used in the resection of the third ventricular tumors. Juraj Steno
    • Extradural minipretemporal approach “MIPLATTA” for Complex Vascular and Tumoral Pathology. Jorge Mura
    • Management of giant intracranial aneurysms: Indication for by-pass. Francisco Gonzalez-Llanos
    • Tailored graduated combined petrosal approach. James Liu
    12:30h-13:30h Lunch break
    13:30-15:30h SESSION V
    Chairs: Andre Grothenhius & Anil Nanda
    • Yugular Foramen Schwannoma. Luis Borba
    • Central Skull Base - Surgical Nuances and Simulation Training. Ashish Suri
    • Controversies in craniopharyngiomas management. Abdeslam El-Khamlichi
    • Management of Trigeminal Schwannoma and spheno-orbital meningioma. William Coldwell
    • Methodological pitfalls in meningioma literature – can data be trusted? Tiit Mathiesen
    • The role of endoscopy in Brainstem surgery. Ali Ayyad
    • Surgical strategy of Braistem Cavernomas. Najia El-Abad
    15:30h-16:00h Coffee break
    16:00-18:00h SESSION VI
    Thomas Santarius & Ali Aziz-Sultan
    • Meningiomas Recurrence What to do. Benedicto O. Colli
    • Complex Aneurysms – A Surgical Perspective. Stefan Florian
    • Surgery for stroke prevention. Martin Sames
    • System dynamics and evolution of stroke care. Ali Aziz-Sultan
    • Jugular Foramen Paragangliomas: tailoring the approach. Antonio Aversa
    • 360-degree surgical approaches for CVJ CORDOMA. Massimiliano Visocchi
    • Innovation and Research in Peripheral Nerve Surgery. Lukas Rasulic
    • Golden Neuron Award 2024 Lecture. David Hasan
    18:00-18:45h WANS BUSINESS MEETING
    20:30h WANS Official Dinner - Grand Hotel Miramar


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